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A5 Acrylic Portrait Premium Quality Sign Holder

A5 Acrylic Portrait Premium Quality Sign Holder

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This sign holder is versatile serves a lot of purposes. Sturdy and stands upright by itself on any table or desktop. You can also use this clear acrylic as a frame to display awards and certificates at home or in the office. In hotel reception areas, it can be used to promote package deals and new features. In schools, it can display regulations and academic news.

  • STURDY, STANDS UPRIGHT: Our commercially rated 6.0" x 8.0" vertical table top sign holder has a wide base and is made from high quality, clear acrylic, which makes for professional-looking table signs, card display stand, or flyer stand.
  • EASY TO INSERT PAPER: unlike other cheap plastic sign holders that make it hard to insert paper, or where the paper falls out easily, our stand up sign holders make insertion a breeze, and signage won’t slip out.
  • SIGNAGE SHOWS ON BOTH SIDES: with our T-shaped acrylic sign stand, your sign can face both directions (by inserting 2 pieces of paper, or 1 double-sided). Additionally, the base of these Acrylic frames provides for more stability versus slant-backed acrylic frames.
  • PROTECTIVE PACKAGING: we package our tabletop sign holders in a sturdy outer box, with Styrofoam inner lining for shock absorption. Each acrylic display stand is packed in its own sleeve to prevent scratching.
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